21/05/2024 – Weft insertion and non-crimp fabrics — auf Deutsch lesen

Karl Mayer rethinks civil engineering business

The Technical Textiles division of Karl Mayer presents innovative solutions at ITM 2024 such as weft knits and non-crimp fabrics, which save time, resources, and costs in construction while offering a wide range of applications, from concrete reinforcements to wind turbines.


Plaster grids not only make construction and renovation more environmentally friendly, but also faster. © Karl Mayer


Geogrids. © Karl Mayer

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The Turkish building and construction industry offers a wide range of applications for technical textiles. In particular, the construction work following last year`s earthquake and a wide range of infrastructure projects require innovative solutions with high efficiency and low resource consumption. Karl Mayer Technische Textilien can offer these with the products from its machines, as will be demonstrated at ITM.

“When using non-crimp fabrics and warp-knitted fabrics with insertion, time and raw materials can be saved in the construction industry. We want to show our guests the business opportunities and benefits of using these technical textiles,” explains Hagen Lotzmann, Vice President Sales at Karl Mayer Technische Textilien. Machines from Karl Mayer Technische Textilien are used to produce textile concrete reinforcements, roofing materials and plaster grids that make construction and renovation easier, more environmentally friendly and faster.

Other products include geogrids and composite structures for infrastructure projects, which offer various functions in one material with a sophisticated composition. One example of this is slope stabilization. The textile grids with or without a nonwoven enables the construction of steeper, safer embankments to optimize land use and reduce the disruption of a structure. Textile products from the “COP MAX 4” are also in demand in the wind power industry. The multiaxial warp knitting machine produces glass non-crimp fabrics for the reinforcement of composites, which set standards for rotor blades in terms of span widths. Karl Mayer Technische Textilien offers a width range machine portfolio with customized machine solutions for all kinds of projects. The flexible machines guarantee a efficient production of textiles for the entire application area of civil engineering.