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Technical Textiles


Design model for the Cube building project: this demonstration building is designed to illustrate the pioneering, broad-impact results of the C³ consortium. © Iurii Vakaliuk, TU Dresden

19/03/2019 – Carbon-reinforced concrete

Carbon-reinforced concrete

CUBE – the first fibre-reinforced building in the world

Building history is due to be made on the Einsteinstrasse in Dresden: the first C³ carbon concrete building. By  Editorial staff

More refined, consistent and environmentally friendly: Topp Textil’s new coating technology © Topp Textil

18/03/2019 – Topp Textil

Topp Textil

New extrusion technique facilitated by external funding

Topp Textil is the inventor of a new coating technology; an extrusion technique which allows the melting of plastics which are then applied to fabrics ... By  Editorial staff

Very few signs of fouling after six months: When the basalt knitted fabrics are removed, the middle section of the steel girders in the sea near Dubai is almost completely free from organic deposits. © Peterseim

15/03/2019 – Techtextil


On the Techtextil podium – and then?

When this edition of textile network goes to print, exactly 676 days will have passed since the presentation of the Techtextil and Texprocess Innovation ... By  Iris Schlomski

Getzner AG in Bludenz, Vorarlberg © Getzner AG

14/03/2019 – Getzner AG in Bludenz, Österreich

Getzner AG in Bludenz, Österreich

For the benefit of the environment

Heat-recovery and exhaust air pollution control at Getzner AG in Bludenz, Austria. By  Iris Schlomski

The next Performance Days shows that beauty is also applicable to functional fabrics, making them a “must have” in the textile industry. © Performance Days

13/03/2019 – Performance Days

Performance Days

Summer 2021: „The Beauty of Function“

The next Performance Days shows that beauty is also applicable to functional fabrics, making them a “must have” in the textile industry. By  Iris Schlomski

Panoramic view of the State-of-the-Art Technical Textile Plant at SVS Advanced Fabrics (SAF) with the multi-purpose Brückner coating line. © Brückner

12/03/2019 – Brückner in India

Brückner in India

Sri Venkatalakshmi Spinners (SVS/SAF) grows

Sri Venkatalakshmi Spinners (SVS/SAF) grows and successfully starts a high capacity Brückner coating line. By  Iris Schlomski