14/03/2024 – Survey 2024 — auf Deutsch lesen

Hohenstein Laboratories GmbH & Co. KG


CEO, Dr. Timo Hammer. © Hohenstein


I am convinced that the textile industry, like every other industry, will be dealing intensively with the topic of artificial intelligence this year. No one can avoid this topic in the long term. For this reason, Hohenstein has been working on AI for years as part of various research projects. I am firmly convinced that this topic will become increasingly important and continue to gain momentum. This new technology will revolutionize various areas, from laundries to fashion e-commerce. We want to be actively involved right from the start and help shape this change. As a company, we have joined the IPAI (Innovation Park for Artificial Intelligence) network in Heilbronn in order to use AI as a valuable impulse and to network with other interested partners.