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The Supply Chain Act: How to implement it correctly!

You produce goods outside the EU? Then you should take a look at the supply chain act. To prevent violations of environmental standards and human rights, companies need software that brings transparency to their supply chain. The best of the best in the fashion industry use "OSCA Vendor Compliance Management" by Setlog. More information under https://www.setlog.com/en/solutions/vendor-compliance-management


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The Supply Chain Act: In France and Great Britain it exists already. In Germany it will come. "For complex supply chains, the economy needs clear minimum requirements. This protects the committed companies and puts pressure on those who take the subject lightly," emphasizes Ralf Duester, CEO of the Bochum-based SCM software provider Setlog.

While there is still a debate in Germany about the size of companies that need to have effective human rights protection in place, Duester advises companies in the fashion industry in particular to ensure that they have the right software, including an early warning system for violations and expiry dates. Setlog offers "OSCA Vendor Compliance Management", so that companies can digitize processes, make their supply chains transparent and have access to all audit data and certificates at any time, regardless of location. OSCA is live in 92 countries. "We have long since developed the technology for transparent supply chains. There are many examples of how companies do the best they can to ensure that there are no violations of human rights and environmental standards in their chain," explains Duester. Those who use the solution make their supply chain digital, more resilient, faster and more cost-effective. Setlog customers include KiK and Adler in Germany and Cole Haan and Global Brands Group in the USA. Bringing transparency into the supply chain is one of the six central measures that companies will have to implement in the future. The other five are:

• Risk assessment for people and the environment

• Countermeasures in case of violations of human rights and environmental laws

• Establishment of complaint bodies for affected persons

• Avoidance of child labor

• Adaptation of living wages to the respective country of production


More information under https://www.setlog.com/en/solutions/vendor-compliance-management

About Setlog

Setlog Holding is a provider of customized Supply Chain Management (SCM) solutions. Its central product is the cloud-based SCM software OSCA®, which is used by over 150 brands in the apparel, electronics, food, consumer goods and hardware sectors. With the help of OSCA®, companies connect to their customers, suppliers and service providers to optimally coordinate their supply chain, accelerate processes and efficiently manage supply chains.

Setlog GmbH is a 100% subsidiary of Setlog Holding AG. The company was founded in 2001 and is today one of the leading providers of SCM software with over 40,000 users in 92 countries. The software company employs 60 people at its locations in Bochum (headquarters), Cologne and New York. www.setlog.com

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