28/05/2024 – TrusTrace

Demystifying digital product passports

TrusTrace has launched a comprehensive playbook titled “Unlocking DPP: The Why, What and How of Digital Product Passports,” providing an essential guide for fashion professionals on preparing for the upcoming Digital Product Passport in the EU. Featuring insights from industrial leaders, the playbook was unveiled at the Global Fashion Summit and aims to dispel myths about DPPs while offering practical steps for data collection and digital system setup.


TrusTrace launched its third annual industry playbook. © TrusTrace


The playbook offers an essential guide for fashion industry professionals grappling with data collection and implementation of the widely anticipated Digital Product Passport, set to come into force in the European Union between 2026-20230.

Nicolaj Reffstrup, Co-Founder of Ganni, who provided key insights for the playbook, encourages brands to act now: “Digital Product Passports and corresponding legislation are coming for the industry – that´s something we should all be pleased about. We see it as an opportunity to heighten the level of information and transparency we offer consumers about products, but also as an opportunity to manage product data more efficiently, with the product afterlife in mind. It´s easy to see the hurdles and uncertainties, but we should all be excited about the data shift that will happen in the coming years. The quicker you prepare for compliance, the smoother the transition will be for you and your customer group. This guide is a great resource to get started on that journey and navigate the current uncertainties of legislation.”

By reading the guide, brands will gain:

  • A clear understanding of what the DPP is, why it´s set to become an essential part of business as usual, how it will work and when it will come into force.

  • Who and what is in scope for DPP, and guidance on how to prepare for it.

  • An overview of the data protocol to enable textile-specific product DPP data collection.

  • Useful first hand lessons from an end-to-end live DPP pilot for fashion products.

  • Expert insights to help guide pragmatic, senior level action on beginning DPP preparation.

  • An understanding of business opportunities that can be achieved with the DPP beyond simply a requirement to comply.

Shameek Ghosh, TrusTrace CEO and Co-Founder, commented on the industry´s shift towards complex global regulations, highlighting the extensive data demands of the Digital Product Passport (DPP). He emphasizes what while the DPP presents challenges, it offers brands the opportunity to proactively manage their supply chains and contribute to a circular economy. The new playbook, authored by journalist Brooke Roberts-Islam, explains the “Why”, “What”, and “How” of the DPP, offering insights into EU legislation, data requirements, and implementation steps. Contributions from Kappahl and Marimekko underscore the operational, customer, and commercial benefits of the DPP, guiding the industry towards compliance and sustainable business models.

To download the playbook, click here, and to learn more on the topic from the pilot participants, please register for the TrusTrace webinar and Q&A on “Unlocking DPP: The Why, What And How”, which will take place on 13th June 2024, here.