31/08/2023 – Pincroft

Pincroft introduces defense textiles

Pincroft, a prominent textile manufacturer with over 90 years of experience, will make its debut at DSEI from 12th-15th September, 2023, in London. The company specializes in textile dyeing, printing, and finishing for armed forces and defense firms worldwide.


The fabric seamlessly shifts from black under regular vision to displaying intricate infrared camouflage patterns when observed through night vision equipment. © Pincroft


Their offerings include cutting-edge spray technology for applying various textile finishes, including mosquito-repelling permethrin. Pincroft`s innovative “Baldwin Texcoat G4” technology provides enhanced defense personnel protection. They also present “Night Stealth Camo”, a custom solution for concealment in special nocturnal operations. This unique camouflage appears black to the naked eye but reveals infrared patterns visible through night vision gear, showcasing Pincroft`s dedication to advanced concealment technology.