16/05/2024 – Beaulieu International Group

B.I.G. Yarns merges sustainable color and design

B.I.G. Yarns presents sustainable solutions, blending innovative design with eco-friendly materials at Clerkenwell Design Week, May 21st-23rd. Their focus on color and sustainability drives circularity, offering inspiration through the sustainable yarns platform for responsible carpet manufacturing.


Moodboard with carpet samples made with B.I.G. Yarns. © Beaulieu International Group


Clerkenwell Design Week is a perfect showcase for B.I.G. Yarns´ future yarns that help architects, designers and project managers create sustainable spaces with soft, beautiful and colorful materials.

Sustainable yarns for spaces of the future

Future yarns include those produced with renewable sources, recycled content yarn and low-impact PA6 carpet yarn. B.I.G. Yarns is now a one-stop-shop for “Solution Dyed BCF PA6” nylon, and the “Eqo-range of PA6” yarns – the sustainably focused “Eqo Balance”, “Eqo Cycle” and “Eqo Yarn”. “This portfolio demonstrates our commitment to reducing climate impact across the carpet pile industry supply chain, and strategically positions the company to help carpet manufacturers meet sustainability targets,” said Glenn Hyzak, Global Sales Director Yarns. “At the same time, we believe that sustainability shouldn´t stand in the way of color freedom which is why our current range of eco-friendly yarn solutions offers designers the ability to choose any imaginable color with a lower impact on the environment.”

Unlimited colors without the environmental impact

At the event, B.I.G. Yarns will be highlighting its sustainable yarns platform, a guide for responsible manufacturing professionals and designers in the search for sustainable yarns for commercial, residential, and automotive carpet solutions. Also on display will be its color studio, where visitors can expect a vibrant explosion of color with endless and sustainable design options. “Design, color and sustainability are the building blocks that will create future spaces designed for diverse uses and we believe carpet yarns fit perfectly in the shift from ‘form follows function’ towards ‘form follows feeling’ to meet people´s sensory needs. Initiatives like B.I.G. Yarns´ “Catch the Color” even enable designers to select their own customized color designs and combinations with sustainable solution-dyed nylon,” said Belinda Ottevaere, B.I.G. Yarns Key Account Manager.