08.11.16 – The fifteenth edition of MarediModa

Broadening the wings

MarediModa, the underwear, beachwear, sportswear and accessories exhibition, is going to open and Thursday, 8th. November 10th will be the closing day.


(Photo: MarediModa)


At Palais des Festivals, Cannes, more than a hundred European companies will exhibit their Spring/Summer 2018 collections along with a top-level delegation of fast-fashion garment makers from the Euro-Mediterranean area which are going to feature a qualified alternative to the more exotic and quite often less reliable productions. Despite the worldwide scenario and the upheaval still experienced by the textile clothing sector, this edition will be really featuring a very exception, as already shown by numbers. Since the 2008-edition the fair had not yet recorded such a high number of both exhibitors and visitor pre-registrations.



“This year we are celebrating the achievement of something that looked quite ambitious at its very beginning in 2001 - says Marco Borioli, President of MarediModa – i.e. the cutting-edge idea, at that time, of envisaging a different and peculiar trade show which would have been directly organized by the exhibitors and able to promote European beachwear and underwear fabrics worldwide. Loyalty always pays back and even if the approach seemed to be too innovative and sectarian at the time, we can currently and loudly say that the insight was right and got us much further.

Since its very beginning MarediModa has been broadening its wings and has been able to fly higher and off the already much beaten trade routes by featuring not only the most qualified supply in the field but also introducing itself as an absolute gem inside the worldwide trade fair schedule.

Visitors come here to meet premium weavers and accessory producers, to feed creative sparks and get the quickest overview and preview of future design trends in beachwear, swimwear, intimates, sportswear and athleisurewear (a very crucial theme today which is going to be highly debated on November 8th, as from 11.30am in the event area). Evidence of the fair commitment in delivering an ever increasing high-profile supply is the presence of Italian private-label companies featuring the highest level of garment production under other companies’ brands. Other novelties shall be discovered by you at the fair and I am pretty much sure that this edition will also be an unforgettable edition for all of you”.