21.11.17 – Gerber Technology

Cooperation with Avametric for Unlock the Reality of 3D

Gerber Technology cooperates with Avametric, an industry leader in fabric simulation and 3D consumer applications.


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Today, 3D technology is complex to implement and use. Additionally, there is a wide gap between 3D design and the actual manufactured product.

 The fashion industry spends billions of dollars annually on physical samples which slows down development and has a negative environmental impact. The majority of these samples could be produced digitally and Gerber Technology has made consistent investments to advance their industry leading AccuMark 3D to help their customers address this core challenge: At their very recent ideation conference, Gerber unveiled their advances and announces a major partnership with Avametric that positions the company to leap forward and create a whole new dimension in fashion.

 Gerber Technology and Avametric are combining forces to offer the first end-to-end 3D platform, from consumer-facing virtual try-on applications to design, development and manufacturing. The joint 3D platform will provide highly realistic 3D simulations that can be used from consumer-side visualization all the way through production.

 Avametric’s team is made up of experts from the technology, academic, retail and special effects industry, including 2 academy award winners and 6 PhDs. Their advanced simulation, combined with AccuMark’s fully integrated 2D and 3D applications, makes it the easiest to use 3D product on the market and, at the same time, the most sophisticated 3D simulation engine. Users will be able to move from 2D patterns to 3D digital samples that are production ready, which can result in a savings of up to 50 percent in time and cost.