07.07.16 – Performance Days

The birth of Performancecolors by Nora Kühner

With the forecast for spring/summer 2018, Performance Days created a great new tool together with DyStar/CSI.


Performancecolors promises to be a revolution in the sports- and outdoor industry (Photo: Performance Days)


The color card specialized on sports- and outdoor collections two years in advance. The first preview on spring/summer 2018 launched at Performance Days. 

In cooperation with DyStar/CSI, the printed color swatches are matched with the correct dying recipe - so no more guessing on a trial-and-error basis when talking about color with the business partners. Additionally it is the first color card that provides a fastness guide for Polyester, Cotton and Polyamide 6! Also provided by DyStar/CSI, the fastness guide supports both designers and product managers in the decision making process for their collection’s KickOff at the beginning of the season and throughout production.

One step further

To improve the workflow between the exhibitors and visitors of Performance Days the fair organisation distributes one copy of the color card for free to each exhibitor – from now on producer and customer talk the same color language and know exactly what the other party wants.

Behind Performancecolors stands a team of international designers with Nora Kühner on top. She creates the forecast with her team, and designs the e-magazine that corresponds to the color card itself. The e-magazine is sent to all buyers of the color card via E-Mail a couple of weeks after the fair ended, complementing the printed swatches with the color moods and inspirational themes.

As usual, Nora Kühner presents her color forecast during Performance days as one of the free fair presentations. All presentations are available as audio-files for an easy follow-up and are uploaded after the fair as comprehensive version.

The faces behind the project? https://vimeo.com/165271783!

To get your personal copy please contact the Performance Days Team directly Online or info@performancedays.com and order your color forecast for spring/summer 2018!

Performancecolors is already distributed to all April 2016 exhibitors and is available for 100 Euro! The next Performance days: Nov 16-17th in Munich!