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22.11.17 – Riri Group

40th anniversery for Cobrax

Cobrax, a Riri Group brand, celebrates its fortieth anniversary and keeps growing between innovation and iconic beauty.

2017 is an important milestone for the Riri Group brand, now a point of reference for technical accessories in the fashion sector worldwide. Cobrax has turned forty, showing no signs of ageing. The Padua brand, established in 1977 and taken over in 2008 by Riri Group – a leader in the fashion accessory industry – looks to the future with passion and confidence, on the strength of a past, which – one success after the next – has made it a point of reference for the manufacturing of buttons and rivets for the luxury and denim markets, also thanks to the design and production of a series of valuable patented products.

Product innovation and continuous search on new materials

Product innovation and continuous search on new materials have always been the core ingredients for a company which has been able to develop, combining technology and design, trendiness and style, which is why it keeps fascinating the most important national and international fashion houses with the unique shapes, perfect mechanisms and unparalleled finishing of its products.

Established in 1977

Cobrax was established in 1977 and has become a point of reference for technical accessory for fashion. The year 2007 marked a turning point in its development – with Cobrax joining Meras from Brescia, a company specialising in the production of nylon and unpolished metal zippers, and 2008 was a real watershed: Cobrax and Meras are acquired by Riri Group, and the merging of these three companies allows for expansion of the product range, confirming Riri’s eclectic approach and unique offer.

With Cobrax, the iconic Italian brand renowned for quality and character, the Group opened up to the production of rivets and buttons, while Meras increased its already substantial portfolio of zippers. Brought together by a common excellence-oriented vision, the three brands provide actual added value to customers, thanks to their products which are designed to meet all style requirements.

With its strictly Made in Italy production, Cobrax’s products today are well established in Europe and in the United States, but also on emerging markets such as Australia, Korea and China.