07.08.23 – Archroma

Archroma in Pakistan welcomes visitors from Switzerland

The Swiss Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr Ignazio Cassis, recently visited Archroma, a global leader in sustainable speciality chemicals, in Pakistan. The event, which took place on 9th July at Archroma's Centre of Excellence in Karachi, was attended by high-level officials, including three members of the Swiss Parliament.


Foreign Minister of Switzerland, H.E. Mr. Ignazio Cassis, and CEO, Archroma Pakistan, Mr. Mujtaba Rahim inaugurating “Archroma Wall of Pride”. © Archroma


During the visit, Mr. Cassis inaugurated Archroma`s “Wall of Pride”, displaying the company`s accomplishments and honors earned in Pakistan since its inception in October 2013. He also explored Archroma`s cutting-edge facilities, including Research & Technology (R&T), Application and Analytical Laboratories, and a Training Academy, gaining insight into ongoing research and multi-colored fabric printing.

Two key accomplishments took the spotlight: the “Zero Liquid Discharge Sustainable Effluent Treatment Plant” and the production of aniline-free* indigo at Archroma`s Jamshoro facility. These milestones underline Archroma`s commitment to sustainable practices. The zero liquid discharge plant conserves water and treats effluent, while aniline-free indigo production addresses water polution conerns. Discussions revolved around expanding these sustainability initiatives in collaboration with local industry partners. Mr. Cassis praised Archroma's dedication to sustainable practices, commending their alignment with the values of a specialty chemical enterprise. He lauded Archroma Pakistan's efforts in water conservation through the Zero Discharge Plant and in combating water pollution through aniline-free indigo production. He also acknowledged the quality upheld in Archroma's laboratories, comparing them to renowned global institutions.

In response, Mujtaba Rahim, CEO of Archroma Pakistan, said: “Archroma is a torch bearer in saving natural resources and bringing the advantages of sustainable practices to the industry as well as the local community. The textile industry is emulating our best practices in their mills. We are therefore honored that Ignazio Cassis visited us and appreciated our engagement to transform our industry.”

As a result, the visit of Switzerland`s foreign minister, Mr. Ignazio Cassis, to Archroma`s Center of Excellence in Pakistan highlighted the company`s innovative sustainable practices. The event underscored Archroma`s dedication to water conservation, pollution reduction, and commitment to excellence.


* Below limits of detection of the Swiss Parliament.