27.10.23 – Freudenberg Performance Materials

Low-level BPA thermal insulation products

Freudenberg Performance Materials Apparel (Freudenberg) has taken a significant step towards sustainability with the launch of two cutting-edge thermal insulation products, “Down Feel WA 150LB” and “Fiberball WB 400LB”. These new additions to Freudenberg's “comfortemp” range are crafted from low-level Bisphenol A (BPA) recycled PET fibers (rPET), marking a crucial milestone in the pursuit of eco-friendly and high-performance textiles.


Freudenberg`s “comfortemp Down Feel WA Series”. © Freudenberg Performance Materials


Freudenberg`s “comfortemp Fiberball WB Series”. © Freudenberg


Sustainable thermal insulation

“Down Feel WA 150LB” is a lightweight thermal insulation that provides a remarkable loft, delivering the feel of down without the associated ethical and environmental concerns. On the other hand, “Fiberball WB 400LB” employs clusters of fine fibers to ensure breathability, maximum comfort, and minimal clumping even after washing and drying. These products offer a sustainable and comfortable alternative to traditional down insulation. One of the key highlights of these new thermal insulation products is their sustainability credentials. Both are crafted using 100% GRS-certified rPET fibers, underscoring Freudenberg`s dedication to responsible sourcing and recycling. Moreover, these products exceed the stringent standards set by the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Class I certifications, the strictest requirements, which are even suitable for babies. These certifications ensure that the products contain less than 1 ppm BPA, far below the already low limit of 100 ppm defined by Oeko-Tex. Merry Chen, Head of Global R&D and Product Compliance at Freudenberg Performance Materials Apparel, emphasized the company`s commitment to sustainability, stating: “Our commitment to customers and sustainability aligns with market expectations for safer, responsible products while maintaining quality and performance. The ‘Down Feel WA 150LB’ and ‘Fiberball WB 400LB’ products exemplify this commitment, providing innovative thermal insulation that prioritizes performance and customer well-being as we grow our House of Sustainability.”

Building blocks of the “House of Sustainability”

The “House of Sustainability” (HoS) is Freudenberg Apparel`s initiative dedicated to supporting the fashion industry in its pursuit of sustainability. The HoS offers over 500 innovative solutions to foster a more sustainable future in the apparel sector. The introduction of “Down Feel WA 150LB” and “Fiberball WB 400LB” is a testament to Freudenberg`s commitment to providing responsible and high-quality products during every manufacturing season. In addition to these groundbreaking products, Freudenberg has also introduced “HO 80xR” into its “comfortemp” European range, and the HoS for the current manufacturing season. “HO 80xR” represents another milestone in sustainability, as it is made from recycled polyamide 6 sourced from plastic waste, including materials like fishing nets, carpet flooring, and industrial plastic. With 70% recycled polyamide fibers, this thermal insulation offers a sustainable solution that can be recycled and reused multiple times, aligning with Freudenberg`s circular design principles and environmental commitment.

As a result, the global availability of “Down Feel WA 150LB” and “Fiberball WB 400LB”, along with the introduction of “HO 80xR” in Europe, signifies a significant step forward in the apparel industry`s ongoing journey towards sustainable and responsible manufacturing. These innovative solutions are not only environmentally friendly but also offer exceptional comfort and performance, making them a valuable choice for both consumers and the fashion industry. Freudenberg`s commitment to innovation and sustainability sets a strong example for the industry, reinforcing the notion that high-quality products can be produced in an environmentally conscious and responsible manner.