27.03.24 – Oerlikon

Total solutions for the Vietnamese textile industry

At SaigonTex from April 10th to 13th, 2024 in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, the Oerlikon Business Unit Manmade Fibers Solutions will present complete solutions from a single source. At the Saigon Exhibition and Convention Center, the machine manufacturer´s experts will provide information about their sustainable machine and system technologies.


The new Oerlikon Neumag “EvoSteam” staple fiber process is now “bluesign” verified. © Oerlikon


Sustainable solutions at SaigonTex

Oerlikon Polymer Processing Solutions presents comprehensive solutions that encompass everything from polycondensation plants to textured yarn and digital solutions. Porviding all process steps from a single source promises integrated technology, designed to ensure the high quality of the produced yarn. Sustainablility is another focal point of information. Concepts are introduced for topics such as mechanical and chemical technologies for recycling bottels and textiles, biopolymers, and the circular economy. For 20 years, the company has been offering innovative solutions for the textile industry with its sustainability label “e-save”.

“EvoSteam” – sustainable staple fiber production

The “EvoSteam” process by Oerlikon Neumag is groundbreaking for a more sustainable staple fiber production. It convinces with savings in energy, water, and raw material consumption, as well as reducing operation costs (OPEX) and the CO2 footprint – while maintaining good fiber qualities for downstream processes and high production volumes.

DIY yarns – quality and flexibility

Clothing, home textiles, automotive – there are countless applications for textured yarns. For efficient and sustainable production of high-quality textured yarns form various polymers, from polyester and polyamide to polypropylene, PLA, and PTT, Oerlikon Barmag offers a wide range of different DTY machine configurations. With sophisticated components, expertise, and proven technology, the modular DTY machines produce textured yarns – manually or automatically – for further processing in downstream processes, all at optimal OPEX costs.

Recycling is the future

Homogenization technology represents mechanical recycling of processed polyester waste such as post-industrial waste (popcorn), bottle flakes, and film. The Oerlikon Barmag homogenizer ensures a homogeneous melt, influences viscosity increase, and thus enables the production of defined rPET intermediates for further processing, such as melt, granulate, or fiber material for direct spinning. The first plants have already been successfully put into operation worldwide.

In summary, Oerlikon offers holistic concepts for the textile industry at SaigonTex, ranging from polycondensation plants to textured yarns, all focused on sustainability. By integrating all process steps from a single source, integrated technology is ensured, aiming to unite high product quality and ecological responsibility.