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21.04.17 – Riri Group

Big things are made of unmistakable details

Riri and Cobrax are following to renovate and confirm the company’s fundamental values!

The Spring/Summer 2018 collection has come to life with new concepts and pieces that made the history of the Group revised. Everything is change and revolution at Riri, even tapes: this collection features a line of iridescent tapes inspired to abalone shells. The tape + button match guarantees a great wow-effect.

Zipper evolutions keeps on confirming the oversize trend and even Metal and Décor reach extravagant dimensions (14 mm) and are combined with a three-pieces slider that is suitable for industrial applications, as well as in high-end leather bags and purses.

As regards pullers, Riri’s portfolio is including three brand new elements this year

Trio: the puller created with a cord base enriched with three anodized aluminum dies, confirms Riri’s innovative spirit and its continuous research of materials and combinations.

Fusion: derives from the interplay of joint asymmetrical pieces that find their space and dimension. Screws and metals are a must-have and give the puller a postindustrial look.

Skid: a double-faced puller that turns Riri’s classics into regular and squared shapes, which are unprecedented for the brand. Complementary to the puller, the matched slider mirrors and highlights that same shape to make SKID one of the protagonists of this product release.

Finishings and colours

The trend in Summer 2018 confirm contrasts and harmonisations in shades and materials, either plastics or metals, that give tapes and zippers the personal character every client deserves. The PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) treatment is the absolute innovation: a deposition method that uses a physical process to produce a vapour of metal that creates a thin film on the zippers and gives shimmering colour effects.

Cobrax snaps and buttons

Cobrax and Riri keep working together to produce matching collections. The aim is giving clients the chance to take concretely advantage of Riri Group’s wide offer as the only one stop-shop in the sector.

The new metal finishings and the combination of colors and materials are developed into Cobrax’s collection too, while the F series gets wider with sensible technical and aesthetic improvements that guarantee more endurance and completely new shapes.

Even classical leather snaps change with the introduction of washable leather and the major Cobrax icon, the Zero snap, grows to reach a bigger size and boast its essential and rigorous character.