08.11.16 – MarediModa

The new trend board Spring/Summer 2018

Following last year’s success at its debut, MarediModa is presenting the new MarediModa Trend Board for the 2016 edition: the Spring/Summer 2018 trends.


Radical Honesty - SS 2018 (Photo: MarediModa)


Sporty Activist (Photo: MarediModa)

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This year a working team has been established inside the Trend Board under the aegis of MarediModa by NABA – Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti of Milan (New Academy of Fine Arts) together with WGSN, worldwide benchmark for trend forecasting and David Shah, a kind of histrionic guru in style trends as well as editor of Textile View.As to Spring/Summer 2018 main themes, this year too, WGSN has investigated four leading macro-themes for beachwear and two for underwear. Once the macro-trends have been outlined, the NABA team has completed the investigation by suggesting more specific and in-depth solutions for each theme with the purpose of making them as attractive as possible. David Shah, who has been collaborating with MarediModa for years, has delivered his sociological contribution to the working team while setting the way forward for style and colors to meet. We are talking about an excellent working team where each individual professionality well fits into a more comprehensive framework that stands out as a unique ensemble, an “unicum” against the more traditional and obsolete approach of other trade fairs.

The new trends area is also going to host a focus on the athleisure universe with a selection of fabrics and accessories specifically addressed to this ever increasing sector.


“Radical Honesty” is about genuineness and enhances diversity through non-conventional and non-stereotypical aesthetics. The concept of unisex and genderless beachwear is recovered along with a new sense of femininity, while drawing on minimalist aesthetics as featured by soft and tone-on-tone colors.

The Spring/Summer 2018 season leads us into an essential kind of aesthetics emphasized by simple forms, graphic lines, geometric patterns and artistic collages.

The central role played by neutral tones creates a kind of second-skin effect by enhancing the beauty of the female body through a combination of soft, eco-friendly and comfortable materials. The dark rust orange and the apricot orange deliver a warm touch to this minimal trend, a kind of summer feeling.


Energetic, innovative and sophisticated, “Sporty Activist” draws inspiration from the very fine borderline between swimwear and activewear. All-over prints, sharp geometric patterns and strong color blocks recall hi-tech and sport performances overloaded with bold and funny energy.

Cutting-edge fabrics and new design techniques deliver a resolute and bold inspiration to this Spring/Summer 2018 trend as well as some special look where vibrant and bright colors meet well-structured and architecture-recalling lines.


"Deep Glamour" elaborates some new, romantic and extremely glamourous aesthetics for this Spring/Summer 2018 season while swinging between contemporary drama and past legacy.

The dark and strong colors tell about a past time of luxurious decay where historical references blend with a quite rigorous and ultra-modern taste.

Audacious decorative prints combine with geometrical motifs which draw their inspiration from the ‘70s; dark floral potpourris welcome some new, kitsch and romantic expressions suggested by soft and delicate garments and their elegant details and finishing touches.


“Gypset Swim”, for the S/S 2018 season, teams the Boho style of the ‘70s with the typical glamour of the cheerful and relaxed summer mood.

Navajo and tropical floral prints join together to create a juxtaposition of creative cultures and folklore inside a multicultural aesthetic melting pot.

The fresh color palette offers an all-fruit color blend: from citrus yellow through the violet and fuchsia shades of the wild berries up to the final peach-color touch. The blues and greens, in their darker and lighter range, offer a little touch of urban look to this contemporary, exotic and fresh trend.


“Girl Gang” has reinvented the 90s’ taste by converting lingerie into a tribute to feminism, as embraced by new generations of young women who want to be heard.

The trend emphasizes a kind of graphic taste and in its being fresh and bold it aims at enhancing a young and sophisticated beauty, tainted by genderless and androgynous traits.

Inside this marvelous S/S 2018 trend, graphics dominate the scene and the new safety and activism message is conveyed through a new art language which is able to bring future generations together.


With “Precious” lingerie has found a new way of being narrated: the inspiration comes from the boudoir style and the taste for luxury.

In its being minimal and graphic, this trend is able to interpret refinement and elegance in modern and unusual terms. The powder-based color palette meets graphic and digital prints featured by transparencies and overlapping patterns. The sheer item wants to amaze while sophisticated trimmings and worn brocade prints can produce a delicate summer story, a kind of nice and modern fairy tale, enriched with strong and brave color hues.