09.03.23 – 3D Avatars in PLM

Centric and Alvanon Team Up

With the integration of Alvanon’s 3D avatars into Centric PLM 3D workflows the two tech-companies aim for a complete end-to-end 3D process. Main driver for the collaboration: moving towards the perfect fit for ready-to-wear garments.


Both physical and virtual body shape visualization for the fashion industry is Alvanon’s domain. © The Alvanon


German womenswear fashion brand More & More, Starnberg near Munich, implemented CentricPLM to streamline and harmonize processes. © More & More

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Centric Software, among the leading providers for Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) software in the consumer goods market had initiated the collaboration with 3D avatar pioneer, Alvanon end of 2022. Centric develops and serves enterprise solutions to plan, design, develop, source, and sell products to achieve strategic and operational digital transformation goals.

Alvanon applies the latest technology in combination with body shape data from its early days on. Founder Dr. Kenneth Wang was both a medical doctor and a garment manufacturer. After failing to sell clothing online in 2001, he began looking at other ways to help standardize the selling of apparel online. “Let's look at the body that we are actually designing the goods on” – said it and began with the development of mannequins based on real human anatomy, created with an understanding of pattern making and garment production in mind, to take it from there and improve fit – as one of the key enemies for buying decisions – as consumer surveys in all geographical markets show.

Nowadays, the New York based fashion tech-company with European headquarter in London helps apparel brands improve their fit for their garments to reflect modern-day consumers. The body data-driven approach uses a consumer-scanning element, to solving the challenges of sizing and fit.

“The ground-breaking collaboration with Alvanon will empower designers who use Centric PLM to access 3D avatars while working seamlessly in a familiar environment,” says Ron Watson, VP of Product at Centric Software. Centric pursues an ‘open platform’ strategy to integrate Centric PLM with other applications in use at their customers. Once more Ron Watson: “Our open API enables complex integrations with different technologies, to streamlining processes while leveraging information from many sources so that users can work faster and more efficiently on a single platform rather than in multiple siloed applications.” Building their solutions around Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) software the US company, which maintains more than 20 subsidiaries, is present on all continents.

“At Alvanon, we believe that the 3D journey begins with the 3D avatar. Not just any avatar, but the fit standard that represents the brand’s target customers’ body shapes and sizes. We are pleased to team up with Centric PLM, to enhance their customers’ design capabilities, and the overall user experience. It’s via close collaboration with leading solution providers such as Centric PLM that we can deliver our range of virtual avatars and provide the fit accuracy that brands and retailers demand,” says Jason Wang, COO of Alvanon. Centric PLM users can store, search and download Alvanon avatars (virtual AlvaForms) directly from Centric PLM. The integration between Centric, Alvanon, CLO3D, and GoVise makes it possible to use Alvanon 3D avatars from Centric PLM libraries in Clo3D design.