06.12.16 – ISKO SS18 collection

When fashion rhymes with technology

Authentic and vintage denim look efficaciously combined with the highest level of performance: the essence of ISKO’s collection for Spring-Summer 2018.


Isko Arquas (Photos: Isko)


Isko Cottonized

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A look to the brand-new technologies conceived by the denim master

Isko Trueblu mixes its deeply authentic vintage attitude with a modern twist. This spirit is confirmed by all the textile interpretations that are part of this family.

Firstly, Isko Back tot he future is a modern interpretation of fabric styles from the 70s and the 80s, perfect for all the denim lovers that are looking for an authentic look but does not want to renounce to an absolute comfort, just as Isko Knife edge twill, inspired by second hand wash out and by raw Japanese denim from the 80s.

Isko trueblu family includes also Jeggings, the concept that has radically changed the game in fashion that has now its own improved line that includes, besides Jeggings original, 100 Jeggings, Jeggings X-Lite and Jeggings HP.

Isko Comfort combines traditional denim characteristics with just enough stretch to get the look of rigid denim with the comfort of a pair of broken-in jeans.

Isko Xmens provides increased flexibility with excellent shape retention and softness. All workwear aesthetics lovers will find their fashion ally in Isko work blues, the fabric

that mixes style with lightweight material. For deep, supersaturated monochromatic tones, Isko Back to black gives a range of fabric and black dye variations centering on black chip and vintage looks.


Isko continues to push denim innovation into new areas, and this family concept confirms this future-oriented spirit. Isko Gamechanger has its roots in classic, authentic denim, but seeks to update the form and feel of denim for the future.

For SS18 season Isko has expanded the variety of constructions, weights and colors in Isko Reform fabrics.

Isko Reform XP retains a classic denim look with a super-soft feel and high performance stretch. A further innovation in shape retention, Isko Reform HP fabrics hold their form like nothing else on the market. Isko Cottonized employs Lyocell, Rayon and Modal to produce cotton-less denim fabric with an appearance, drape and wash-down unlike other denim.

Isko PJ soft fabrics mix Modal and other fibers with cotton and Lycra: the denim master continues to push boundaries with these soft, luxurious fabrics.

For a different take on deconstructed denim, Isko Scratch & Jean produces unique wear patterns. By scratching and rubbing the fabric surface any wearer can produce customized patterns instantly. Least but not last, Isko Gamechanger family includes also the revolutionary Isko Blue skin, the ideal fabric for the continuing trend of garments that crossover between sports and leisure wear: its performance and 3D shaping feature gives the wearer comfort all day long while looking amazing.


This line is comprised of hybrid and experimental denim fabrics that anticipate new high concept trends. Isko Jeanos are a chinos-inspired concept. Using Isko Pop technology, this fabric allows to create garments with the soft feel of traditional cotton chinos and the look and durability of denim. Combining the comfort, form retention and silhouette of our stretch denim fabrics with the high glass look of leather, Isko Jeather fabrics are versatile, functional and stylish. Moreover, Isko Luxure denim includes a lurex weft yarn that produces a bright and silky reflection for a luxurious look and feel that is sure to stand out.


The concept family includes fabrics that easily transition between athletics and leisure for a look that goes anywhere and does anything. The patented weaving technology of Isko Future face moves like a knit. The back side has loft, texture and supreme softness. Isko Bluejym fabrics are also woven, but with a more constructed feel compared to Isko future face.