15.03.19 – DyStar

CSI Releases Autumn/Winter 2020 Color Analysis

Color Solutions International, a member of the DyStar Group, has issued their 6th issue of the Color Analysis report, and now for Autumn/Winter 2020.


This season’s Color Analysis for Autumn/Winter 2020 found its inspiration in our heritage and reconnection of our roots. © DyStar


New for this season, the experts at Color Solutions International have delved deeper by giving more detail for each color using their proprietary Relative Color Popularity process (RCP). RCP is a marriage of color validation with trend color forecasting. The RCP report has been organized into four categories to help validate your color selection.

In this issue, 54 ColorWall colors are featured along with additional color validation, color evolution, and direction by hue.

Heather Sandwall, CSI Color, and Trend Director

“This season’s Color Analysis for Autumn/Winter 2020 found its inspiration in our heritage and reconnection of our roots. We look from the past to present day reality to shape the themes of trends reflected in the spirit of time we are living in. From a time gone by to this moment of now, themes take shape as they transform historic elements into modern day life, intertwining together to create a new existence full of creative energy and vitality.

Reminiscent of a time gone by, all that we consider heritage to be, has developed into a level of loyalty and trust over time. The quality in make and the care that goes into construction found in the ideas of heritage goods begin to resurface into a lifestyle of quality over quantity. In the present and future looking forward, we also continue to explore innovative lifestyle trends as we are becoming more conscious about the environment and the impact our choices have.

We are passionate about the impact color has on mindset, lifestyle, art and culture. We are continually rediscovering how colors intermix together and how each hue flows from deep intensity to softer tints. For us, it is about understanding the mood and creating new combinations that reflect our in-dividual reality. It is about expression beyond convention in a celebration of ideas, solutions and the splendor of an authentic lifestyle.”

For product designers, color managers and buyers

This color forecast is essential for product designers, color managers and buyers working in textiles, apparel, accessories, decor, interiors, and cosmetics. Color Analysis includes seasonal color palettes selected from a wide range of approximately 3,700 CSI ColorWall colors.

Colorful, informative and inspirational, the semi-annual trend report is available to purchase individually or as a subscription.