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15.02.17 – Fulgar

Oroblu chooses Fulgar nanofibre yarns

"Divine" by Oroblu combines the seduction and elegance of ultra-sheer tights with absolute comfort and wonderful aesthetic and functional advantages.


Beautiful, resistant and easy to wear. To meet this important challenge, Oroblu has drawn on Fulgar's research. Fulgar is the Italian international leader in the manmade yarn sector, and it is their cutting edge Nanofibra that gives Divine exceptional lightness, perfect evenness and a pleasant hand that is soft, silky and ultracomfortable.

With their subtle finish, Collant Divine tights are invisible beneath a dress, and embrace the legs gently like a second skin, creating comfy elegance and a seductive appeal. Easy to wear every day or for special occasions, they are also perfect in spring and summer, creating a light make-up effect on the legs.

Nanofibre revolution

Fulgar's Nanofibra opens up a new world in Nylon 66 - ultralight, soft and silky. This innovative yarn developed by Fulgar comprises a high number of extremely slender filaments (only 7 microns against 15-20 microns for most other microfilament and multifilament yarns). This encourages rapid wicking of sweat towards the exterior, giving Nanofibra exceptional breathability and rapid-drying performance.

An ultralight fibre that has a superior cover performance and the same abrasion resistance, Nanofibra enables the production of fabrics that are incredibly light and perfectly uniform, with a silky, wonderfully soft and delicate hand. An ideal solution for applications throughout the athleisure fashion and hi-tech sport worlds. Nanofibra yarns are especially suited for the production of sheer yet hard-wearing legwear with a perfectly even look and silky feel.